November 18th, 2016 Fridays at The Globe

Friday night has a new home! Join us in gables at The Globe, bringing back the old school with music by DJ Joseph Anthony. Party starts at 8 pm. Complimentary admission for everyone. $200 Bottle specials available. Contact us at 305.299.4110 for large parties, dinner RSVP’s, birthdays and bottle specials.

The Globe

October 9th, 2016 One Epic Hyde Pool Party

#OneEpicSummer event brand continues from a successfull 2016 summer series launch which hosted all of Miami’s top local Dj’s & promoters from all the top local venues in nightlife for the first time ever. This series included swim week fashion shows with over 10 designers, NBA Hall of famer Soriee, hometown Hollywood actor birthday bash, top EDM dance music artist Rozes from Chainsmokers, live performance from top latin billboard artist, world known Djs such as Robbie Rivera & Caked up, along with top models, NBA stars, NFL stars, top musical artists & Hollywood actors.

Join us for the next series titled #OneEpicHyde Pool Side Vibes which continues this on going series with Miami’s top Dj’s at Hyde Beach at The SLS Hotel Sunday October 9th, 2016 for its once a month pop-up series. 305.299.4110 for All guest list and bottle reservations.

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One Epic Hyde

October 8th, 2015 Fridays at Trust & Co.

The new Friday party at Trust & Co. brings out all the Miami locals to the new hot spot in Coral Gables. Come to dine drink or dance the night away to a selection of old school 80’s 90’s and todays top 40 music by Dj Joseph Anthony. Contact us at 305.299.4110 for large parties, dinner RSVP’s, birthdays and bottle specials.

Trust & Co.

September 17th, 2016 Saturdays at Novecento Lounge in Midtown!

Saturday nights have a new home in midtown at “Novecento Lounge”! Join us at this chic Italian styled lounge for a  new era of Saturday night parties brought to you by Great vibe, amazing music by guest Dj Mikey Rawk celebrating his birthday. Bottle specials starting at $150 dollars for Johnnie Walker Black Label or Grey Goose! Come by for appetizers and drinks, come by to lounge out or come by & dance your butt off, but just make sure you come by and check out the launch this Saturday night!!! For all table, birthday or guest list information please call or text 305.299.4110


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